Id #84521 Sony Xperia Z5 32GB GSM/LTE - Unlocked phone

Sony Xperia Z5 32GB GSM/LTE - Unlocked phone
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Sony Xperia Z5 32GB GSM/LTE - Unlocked phone
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  • 23MP Camera with the world's fastest Autofocus*, highest low-light sensitivity, and highest dxo Score for video stabilization
  • PS4 Remote Play lets you extend your PlayStation games on your Phone via your local Wi-Fi
  • Hi-Res audio delivers a fully immersive and spectacularly detailed audio experience
  • Water and dust resistant design keeps you going even in a downpour
  • SIM Unlocked means no contracts or commitment to a Specific carrier. A Nano SIM card is required.
  • Model E6603; compatible with Nano SIM Cards

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